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Intel quietly reveals ‘Rocket Lake’ Xeon W-1300 processors

In an unexpected move, Intel has introduced its workstation-oriented ‘Rocket Lake' Xeon W-1300 processors to the ARK database. With a core count ranging from six to eight, all Xeon W-1300 processors feature HyperThreading and integrated graphics, making the Xeon W-1300 CPU a suitable foundation for a new entry-level workstation.

The 14nm Intel ‘Rocket Lake' Xeon W-1300 processors are based on the W480 platform, supporting ECC DDR4-3200 memory, PCIe 4.0 devices (20 lanes), and AVX-512. The integrated GPU is the Xe-based UHD Graphics P750 with 32 EUs.

TDP ranges from 35W on the Xeon W-1390T, to 125W on the Xeon W-1350P/1370P/1390P. Base clocks also vary quite a lot, from 1.50GHz on the lowest TDP SKU, up to 4.00GHz on the W-1350P. As for the maximum turbo frequency, the W-1390P is the highest clocked of the bunch, capable of reaching a 5.30GHz clock. The 8-core parts come with 16MB of cache, while the 6-core ones feature 12MB of cache.

The following table shows the whole ‘Rocket Lake' Xeon W-1300 line-up and respective specifications:

CPU Cores/Threads Base clock Max turbo frequency TDP CPU cache Price
Xeon W-1390P 8/16 3.50GHz 5.30GHz 125W 16MB $539
Xeon W-1390 8/16 2.80GHz 5.20GHz 80W 16MB $494
Xeon W-1390T 8/16 1.50GHz 4.90GHz 35W 16MB $494
Xeon W-1370P 8/16 3.60GHz 5.20GHz 125W 16MB $428
Xeon W-1370 8/16 2.90GHz 5.10GHz 80W 16MB $362
Xeon W-1350P 6/12 4.00GHz 5.10GHz 125W 12MB $311
Xeon W-1350 6/12 3.30GHz 5.00GHz 80W 12MB $255

Given that Intel added these CPUs to its database, we expect to see them available soon.

KitGuru says: Are you planning to build a workstation PC soon? Will you consider using a ‘Rocket Lake' Xeon W-1300 CPU on the build?

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