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Intel website confirms sockets and memory support for upcoming CPU architectures

Intel has a pretty big roadmap for products over the next few years, with new CPUs and architectures on the way. Typically, Intel doesn't share a ton of specific information on its upcoming chips until they are close to launch, but it would seem the company has accidentally revealed quite a lot of information through its website. 

The sitemap found by ComputerBase reveals a few unannounced details about Intel's upcoming CPU architectures, including Meteor Lake, Granite Rapids, Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake.

Starting with Meteor Lake, the titles confirm that the “S” platform will use the long-rumoured LGA1851 socket. As for the “P” platform, it will be based on the BGA2049 socket and support up to LPDDR5X-7500 memory. Meteor Lake-M is also mentioned, and it will use the BGA2551 socket and support LPDDR5X-6400 memory.

Moving on to Arrow Lake, the sitemap only includes the “P” and “S” platforms, both supporting UDIMM and SO-DIMM memory, but only the former is suggested to support LPDDR5X-8400 memory. Then, we have the Lunar Lake-M platform, indicated as having support for LPDDR5X-8500 memory, a 100MHz increment over Arrow Lake. Last but not least, Granite Rapids is briefly mentioned as supporting DDR5 memory and using the BGA3898 and BGA4368 sockets.

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KitGuru says: Based on this leak, Meteor Lake CPUs will be available for desktops, laptops, and low-power devices. Arrow Lake is also believed to launch for the same platforms, but the leaked data only shows its laptop-variant. Lastly, Lunar Lake is only confirmed for low-power devices, but like older and current platforms, it should become available for other devices as well.

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