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Intel’s Arrow Lake-S platform to replace Meteor Lake-S in H1 2024

Rumours have claimed Arrow Lake-S would launch after Meteor Lake-S. However, a more recent report suggests that Intel might have changed its plans. Instead, it seems Meteor Lake-S will be replaced by Arrow Lake-S with a release set for H1 2024.

According to Benchlife (via VideoCardz), Intel has changed its roadmap, replacing Meteor Lake-S with the more advanced Arrow Lake-S. Like Meteor Lake-S, this new platform will supposedly be based on the LGA1851 socket, which will reportedly be supported until 2026. As such, it's implied that the future Lunar Lake chips will also use the same pin layout.

With Meteor Lake-S out of the picture, Arrow Lake-S would be released alongside the 800-series motherboards. As per the report, these motherboards will come in five chipsets: Z890 (high-end), B860 (mid-range), H810 (entry-level), W880 (entry-level workstation) and Q870 (business-level). Adding a few details on the first three chipsets, it's said that Z890 will have 48 PCIe lanes and up to 60 HSIO channels, of which 26 are for the CPU and 34 for the PCH. The B860 and H810 platforms will reportedly have a maximum of 44 and 32 HSIO channels, respectively.

The rumoured Meteor Lake-S cancellation would mean that the rumoured 6P + 16E core configuration has been ruled out. Instead, the Intel 20A-based Arrow Lake-S will come with up to 8P + 16E cores, matching the current Raptor Lake desktop processors. Moreover, it's expected the new platform will support DDR5-6400 and 48GB memory sticks for a maximum of 192GB.

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KitGuru says: When rumours about Meteor Lake-S only having up to six performance cores came out, many weren't happy with it. Fortunately for them, it seems that won't be an issue anymore. 

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