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Intel’s upcoming Raptor Lake desktop CPU line-up leaks

Intel is expected to reveal the 13th generation of Core series desktop processors fairly soon, but we're already seeing leaks surfacing across the web. This time around, a leaker has revealed what looks to be the full launch line-up for Raptor Lake on desktop. 

Over on Bilibili, ExtremePlayer (via VideoCardz) has shared a table listing the line-up of 13th Gen Core processors, including four Core i9 models, four Core i7 models, five Core i5 models and one Core i3. The line-up includes K and non-K SKUs with an iGPU and KF and F SKUs without an iGPU. All K and KF parts have a 125W TDP, while the rest are limited to a 65W TDP.

Image credit: ExtremePlayer

Overall, the non-K and F variants have lower base clock speeds than the K and KF parts. All Core i9 chips come with an 8+16 core configuration, while the Core i7s are limited to an 8+8 core configuration. Most Core i5 chips come with 6+8 cores, except for the Core i5-13400, featuring 6+4 cores. The Core i3-13100 comes with only 4x P-cores.

At the top of the hierarchy you'll find the Core i9-13900K with a base clock of 3GHz, 36MB of L3 cache, 125W TDP, and an iGPU with 32 EUs. The KF model has the same specifications, minus the iGPU.

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KitGuru says: Remember that these are only the 13th Gen Core desktop chips. Intel will probably have Celeron and Pentium desktop parts as well, but information about them is still scarce.

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