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Raptor Lake-S Refresh CPUs may be more expensive

With the Intel 14th Gen Core series release right around the corner, retailers have started to prepare for the launch. There is at least one retailer who has already listed the six upcoming 14th Gen K and KF chips but hasn't shared pricing. However, rumour says that we'll see a price increase between the 13th-Gen Core K-series CPUs and their respective 14th-Gen Core counterparts.

According to @momomo_us, the 14th Gen Core Raptor Lake Refresh K-series lineup might cost up to 16% more than the current Raptor Lake K-series CPUs. Starting with the Core i9 chips, the 14900K and 14900KF are said to be 15.8% and 13.8% more expensive, respectively, than their predecessors. That would push the Core i9-14900K price to $695, while the i9-14900KF would go for $660. Considering the i9-13900KS pricing, the two 14th Gen Core i9 chips pricing makes sense.

The MSRPs for the Core i7-14700K ($485) and Core i7-14700KF ($470) may be 14.1% and 15.2% more, respectively, than the Core i7-13700K and Core i7-13700KF. It is worth noting that the Core i7-14700K is the only chip in the Raptor Lake-S line-up expected to come with a core count increase.

Lastly, we have the Core i5 CPUs, with the Core i5-14600K ($380) and Core i5-14600KF ($345) costing an extra 15.2% and 13.1% more than their 13th Gen Core counterparts, respectively.

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KitGuru says: Seeing these prices, do you think the 14th Gen Core chips will be worthy alternatives to what the market currently offers?

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