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AMD chips discounted early at ARIA PC

Next Monday is the official day that AMD will be running our price drops on a whole host of chips, but ARIA has jumped the gun and offered up big discounts for two CPUs in the Piledriver lineup, knocking about £20 off of the standard price tag for each model.

The first one is the AMD FX-6300 clocked at 3.5GHZ. This thing can Turbo up to 4.1GHZ and features 6 cores, 14MB of of cache and a TDP under 100w. This is now priced at £84.95 including VAT. The other option if you want something a bit heftier, is the AMD FX-8320. It also has a 3.5GHZ clock and can Turbo to a slightly less 4.0GHZ, but it features a total of 8 cores, so is perfect for anyone using heavily multi-threaded applications. This one features 16MB of cache and a three year warranty, but its TDP is a little higher at 125w. The FX-8320 is now priced at £114.95.


Other price drops are expected to come into play next week when AMD officially cuts things down – presumably to remain competitive with Intel on a bang for buck scale, but also to possibly introduce new updated models of the CPUs.

For full details on the price cuts, check out ARIA’s forum post.

KitGuru Says: We took a quick look at the 6300 a few weeks ago, citing it as the best under £100 CPU. It could be the best one under £85 now. 

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