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AMD Youtube fanbois run amok with Sandybridge issue

Being a fanboi requires a special kind of mentality. Flying in the face of reason, it is up to you to ridicule and mock ‘opposing’ products, even if it makes you look like the biggest bigot on the planet.

Many of the big forums online have had flame wars at one time or another, some can be funny, others can be entertaining and a few can be downright embarrassing. How does it start? Normally two people with extreme, opposing views start a thread dialogue and quickly others get drawn into it, trying to find a middle ground.

By page 35, the sane people have all headbutted their screens and logged off for a beer, while the two crazy people have managed to verbally snare two more groups of users who normally act sensibly, but have found themselves drawn into the verbal insults. Tempers fray, threats are made, accounts get banned, then virtual hands are shook and peace is made. Until next week.

It has happened many, many times between ATI (erm AMD ) and nVidia fanbois, often without any reason. What if there is a reason however? AMD followers are finding it a feast of pickings right now, right after Intel admitted issues with their latest and greatest chipset.

If we asked you now to put your hand up in private and admit you had flamed at least once, we would probably find everyone reaching for the deodorant can. Put some of the mildest people in a car, and they transform almost immediately into a raving lunatic, killing babies in prams and swearing at old women crossing the road. Its actually a similar environment when you place many people in front of a computer screen.

During one of our many little breaks today, we were pointed in the direction of a rather amusing little video on youtube, posted by a user with clearly a few points to make. Obviously Intel might not find it hilarious, but it did manage to raise a chuckle in our offices.

KitGuru says: The ‘Rise Of The Valkyries’ adds a little dramatic impact to the piece. Share your views.

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