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AMD Youtube fanbois run amok with Sandybridge issue

Being a fanboi requires a special kind of mentality. Flying in the face of reason, it is up to you to ridicule and mock ‘opposing’ products, even if it makes you look like the biggest bigot on the planet. Many of the big forums online have had flame wars at …

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Working around Sandy Bridge problem

But how safe is it? Intel doesn’t really do ‘Total Recalls’ like this. It’s scary stuff. The company that effectively made the global market for microprocessors is such a galactically huge corporation, with advanced R&D the like of which has never been seen before, that no one ever really expected …

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Intel Sandybridge revelation. No O/C for poor i3 ?

Will Intel reduce overclocking options on its next generation processors?  That’s what KitGuru spies are hearing and it is slightly worrying. A concerned KitGuru investigates. Back in the 90s, AMD managed to stretch out a significant lead over Intel in the enthusiast space for one simple reason. Intel doggedly refused …

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