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MSI P67A-GD65 Sandybridge Motherboard Review

Rating: 8.0.

KitGuru has covered the Sandybridge platform fairly regularly in the last month, analysing Intel’s K processors, and pushing them to their limits. Today however we are taking our first look at an MSI board, the fully loaded P67A-GD65. This features MSI’s clever Icy Choke Technology.

These MSI chokes run up to 20c cooler than normal chokes and when combined with the ‘high c’ capacitors that MSI use they allow the company to shrink the heatsinks and offering smaller, more compact VRM cooling.

This can be benefical in many ways, especially as the CPU socket has more physical space around it for mounting larger coolers.


  • Military Class II components: Top quality & stability
  • OC Genie II: Auto OC to boost performance in 1 sec
  • ClickBIOS: Easy-to-use UEFI BIOS interface
  • Super Charger: fast charge iPad/iPhone/smartphone
  • THX TruStudio PRO: deliver the fullest audio experience
  • Support USB 3.0 & SATA 6Gb/s

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  • Garry

    I dont think this is one of their best boards, loads of complaints about it online. noticed quite a few threads in forums I frequent.

  • charita

    do NOT touch this board http://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=144484.new;topicseen#new

    things like.. just clicking on “spread spectrum” to disable it crashes the bios. So far all I have gotten from their tech support is “please try this new bios 1.8b5” which has the same issue.

  • Vaciert

    A very glowing review really for a board with a lot of issues. I had two of these and complained so much I got a refund then bought an ASUS. much better. the bios is fucked.

  • Nerty

    Amazing if this would work the way they think it will. it will assuredly stop ‘mistakes’ which seem to hit newspapers all the time.

  • Nerty

    opps sorry, wrong story post above urghhhh

  • Frannie

    I have this board, and it has worked ok for me. I can’t overclock anyway, so the button does what I need. ive a 2500k at over 4ghz. Ive no idea how to get it there manually, so I cant complain.

  • Suchet

    @ Frannie. Hey man, does your 2500k run ok? I saw a thread on anandtech and a user used the auto settings and the cpu was getting alot more voltage than it needed. you might want to check in the bios its not overvolting too much…….

  • Hakuren

    OCGenie is pure garbage. If you want to OC ANY MSI board don’t bother with OCG. Do it manually, old-school way.

    With P67 you will be better of with (even) AsRock or Intel OEM board than with MSI.

  • Frannie

    Hey Suchet, I looked in the bios and temperatures are 50c? is that ok ?

  • I don’t prefer usually MSI as a Motherboard in the past died on me… However I bought a new ASUS P8P67 Deluxe for my upgrade which died also after flashing a newer BIOS version.. So what? Is ASUS or MSI crap? I believe that all the manufacturers use their customers as testers for their products so to build better revisions.