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Kingston HyperX T1 2133mhz DDR3 8GB XMP Sandybridge Review – world first exclusive

Rating: 9.0.

Today we have something very special for review, one of the very few early samples of an upcoming kit developed by Kingston specifically for Intel’s Sandybridge platform – a new certified 8GB HyperX bundle which runs at a very tasty 2133mhz.

Kingston might not always come to mind first when considering high performance memory for a new system, but KitGuru has been impressed with all the samples we have received in the last year. In preparation for this review during the week, we found some interesting statistics which might surprise many people … they managed to hold a staggering 45.8% marketshare in 2010.

Today we are reviewing the upcoming KHX2133C9AD3T1FK4/8GX kit rated at 2133mhz CL9-11-9-27 timings @ 1.65 volts and which features a seperate cooling fan.

Does performance memory really make a difference with a Sandybridge system, in the real world? Today we will find out.

“The new 8GB HyperX memory kits were designed to push the memory boundaries of the new P67 motherboards in both speed and capacity,” said Stephane Rizzetto, EMEA product development manager of DRAM, Kingston Technology. “Our 2133MHz T1 modules featuring the signature tall heat-spreaders passed the rigorous testing requirements both in-house and at Intel to achieve XMP certification. This is the perfect kit for enthusiasts who want to maximize performance from the new Sandy Bridge platform.”

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  • Dennis

    Very good review, nice to see some real world applications involved. wasn’t expecting such a huge increase in video encoding performance. I still dont have a new system as im holding off on the sandybridge upgrade due to the motherboard problems.

  • KoRn

    Its all so blue, it burns ! (nice kit, kidding)

  • Ned

    Excellent, seems like spending a little extra on good memory for sandybridge will help the bandwidth a lot. I was going to opt for 1600mhz, but the little extra might be worth the cash.

  • Thomas

    a 4GB version of this would do me. 8GB is wicked though if you need it for pro apps. but for gaming, no need imo.

  • Xavier

    I have never bought kingston memory, but im hearing good things on many review sites lately. maybe they are taking the enthusiast user seriously now

  • Mopar63

    Kingston is one of my first purchase choices every time I buy RAM. I have never had a bad stick from them and they work with everything I put them in. No other brand can make that claim with my builds!

  • Ethan

    what’s the point to compare 2133mhz RAM with 1k ones…

  • Xavier

    @ Ethan. Seems pretty obvious, to show performance increases when you buy better memory. They aren’t ‘1k ones’. its 1333mhz memory.

  • Fugger

    Yep. been buying Kingston myself for years. this is not a shock

  • Henry

    Its good that kingston seem to be becoming cooler now with the audiences on the hard core tech sites. they are one of the biggest by far and put a lot of quality control into their selection.

  • K0rN

    Very nice kit indeed. Shall bookmark this for when im building my sandybridge system in a few months. 2600K was ordered last week 🙂

  • Jollies

    Well i had no bloody idea memory could make such a huge difference to overall performance, I know what im doing next system build, getting the best memory I can afford. I do a lot of encoding, not gaming.