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Kingston introduces DDR3L memory modules for enthusiasts

Although DDR4 memory provides higher bandwidth than DDR3 and has very high overclocking potential, it is also more expensive than its predecessor. However, Intel Corp.’s latest “Skylake” processors officially support only DDR4 and DDR3L, but not DDR3. For those, who do not want to invest in DDR4 now, Kingston Technology …

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Kingston HyperX Cloud II gaming headset

Surround sound has been the oft-under-appreciated holy grail of home theatre and gaming set ups for well over a decade. Traditionally this was something you could only achieve with speakers, but today, headsets are more than up to the task. However, splashing out on a fully realised 7.1 headset with that many …

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MSI, Kingston and top overclocker achieve highest DDR4 frequency

A leading professional overclocker has managed to set a new DDR4 clock-rate record using hardware from MicroStar Interational, Kingston and Intel Corp. While overclocking results of contemporary DDR4 memory modules are impressive, when it comes to actual frequency, they are considerably behind DDR3 memory solutions. Toppc, one of the world’s …

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Kinston unveils HyperX PCIe/M.2 SSD with 1.40GB/s read speed

Kingston Technology has introduced its first high-performance solid-state drive for consumers that comes with PCI Express 2.0 x4/M.2 interface. The new HyperX Predator SSDs are designed for performance enthusiasts, but thanks to massive simplicity of its construction, it is possible to expect that the product will not be too expensive. …

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Overclockers UK introduces Renda frequency enhanced workstations

Professional graphics workstations are aimed at creative professionals who are supposed to generate beautiful visuals and inspiring designs. Ironically, virtually all workstations lack any creative touch themselves, whether it is about style or enhancements in terms of performance. Overclockers UK decided to change that with Renda family of workstations. The …

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