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Kingston expects to ship the first DDR5 overclockable modules in Q3 2021

As the development of DDR5 memory modules advances, the number of manufacturers joining the race increases. For now, we know that SK Hynix, TeamGroup, Adata, and Samsung are already developing their own DDR5 memory solutions, but there's a new name to join the ever-growing list. The latest addition is Kingston, which expects to ship overclockable DDR5 modules in Q3 2021.

The company has already sent these modules to motherboard partners to start their validation process. The modules sent to the partners had a XMP profile, but the partners will also be allowed to tune the power management integrated circuit (PMIC) beyond the 1.1V that Kingston has set.

DDR5 memory DIMM modules don't have much use for now, but that will change once Intel releases the Alder Lake-S platform to the public, which is expected to come later this year. By then, the list of manufacturers developing DDR5 memory modules should be considerably bigger.

The DDR5 memory modules are expected to release clocked between 4,800MHz and 8,400MHz. The upper limit should be easily beaten once professional overclockers get their hands on these modules.

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KitGuru says: Are you waiting for the release of DDR5 memory before upgrading your system? Do you think the performance improvement from DDR4 to DDR5 will be worth the upgrade?

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