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HyperX launches 5333MHz DDR4 memory kits

HyperX has been making headlines recently, having broken the world record for DDR4 memory overclocking twice in the span of one month. Now, HyperX is releasing its fastest memory modules to date, with speeds of up to 5300MHz. 

This week, HyperX has launched its first DDR4-5333 memory modules, breaking the 5GHz barrier with CL13 to CL20 timings depending on capacity.

Speaking of capacity, HyperX Predator 5333MHz memory modules will be available in kits of from 16GB (2x8GB modules) all the way up to 256GB (8x32GB modules).

These memory kits are Intel XMP certified, but will also work with AMD Ryzen systems. Each memory stick is factory tested and backed by a lifetime warranty. Considering the speeds on offer here, prices are equally high, with kits starting at $870 and reaching as high as $1,245 for a full 256GB kit.

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KitGuru Says: With DDR5 on the way in the next year, it seems like an odd time to upgrade to 5GHz memory. Still, the fact that this is available to consumers, rather than being limited to specific professional systems, is impressive. 

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