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The new Qi-certified HyperX wireless gaming peripherals are starting to hit the market

Back in August, we received word from Kingston HyperX that a new range of wireless peripherals and charging bases were on the way with support for the Qi wireless charging standard. Now just a month and change later, these new peripherals are ready to hit the market.

Qi-certified wireless charging has been around for quite some time now, providing wireless charging for mobile phones and accessories. However, HyperX now has a Qi-certified wireless charging system for new peripherals, including the PulseFire Dart mouse, the Cloud Flight S headset and the ChargePlay charging base.




HyperX’s debut wireless gaming mouse, the PulseFire Dart, is now available to buy. The mouse supports traditional charging by wire with a USB cable but the stand out feature here is Qi wireless charging, which will work with any Qi-certified wireless charging base, including HyperX's own.

The ChargePlay Base is the HyperX wireless charger, which is capable of juicing up two devices at the same time at 10W. With that in mind, you can pop your smartphone down and have that charge and you can also put your PulseFire Dart mouse next to it to charge up as well.

The charging base is small, so it won't also double up as a usable mouse pad surface, but according to HyperX, you should see battery life of around 50 hours per charge, so that shouldn't be a huge issue.

The Cloud Flight S wireless gaming headset is also on the way, although that will be coming a bit later in Q1 2020. For now, HyperX is selling the PulseFire Dart mouse for £119.99 and the ChargePlay base for £70.

KitGuru says: HyperX has brought out some great gaming peripherals in the past few years, now with their wireless range extending and including Qi-certified charging, it might be a good time to invest.

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