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Lenovo release Sandybridge ThinkPads with 30 hour battery

Lenovo announced today that their are expanding their ThinkPad notebook range in the high end and are releasing six new Intel Sandy Bridge models with up to 30 hours battery life.

As well as this insane battery life claim, Lenovo are saying that the machines will feature Dolby Home Theater V4, nVidia Optimus graphic switching and Instant Resume.

The new ThinkPad laptops will target different sectors. The T420's will be the Ultrathin models. The L420 and L520 will target the more mainstream market while the T420 and T520 are aimed at users with a higher income. The W520 is the portable workstation for graphics intensive applications such as CAD.

Instant Resume is a new feature which is designed to maintain WiFi connections for up to 99 minutes when the laptop is in sleep mode. This is targeting business users who want to move wirelessly from room to room while keeping the laptop closed. By closing the lid, the drivers stay active and the Wi-Fi connection is maintained.

The 14 inch T420 offers a standard 9 cell battery and an optional snap on 9 cell battery. Lenovo are claiming that with both batteries attached, the machine will last for up to 30 hours without a recharge. We have heard crazy claims before only to be disappointed, but if Lenovo are even close with this 30 hour claim, then many businessmen will be adopting one of these machines for their on the move requirements.

Even their new ultrathin T420 14 inch laptop delivers 10 hours battery life with use of two 6 cell batteries, one being a cell slice unit. This is only 0.83 inches thick. The 15 inch T520 only offers a single battery connection, but lasts for up to 15 hours.

This battery life extension isn't breaking news, other companies have tried it before, however with the new T and W models they will get further boosts with nVidia Optimus technology.

Turbo Boost is a technology which Lenovo first announced in January for their Edge 420s and E220 SMB laptops. It is designed to reduce power to ‘non essential hardware' when needed.

KitGuru says: These machines are due for release in March and the high end Thinkpads will be supplied with the second generation Intel Core and Core VPro processors. Prices seem respectable, starting at $899 for the two L series models, right up to $1,520 for the W520 portable workstation.

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