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Has production of AMD X2 and X4 stopped?

Rumours are curious things. They can start anywhere and, depending on who’s transmitting them, will either grow in the psyche or wither away quickly. KitGuru’s heard something very interesting about AMD’s traditional CPU lines. Is it true?

While there is still significant inventory of AMD’s basic dual core and quad core parts in the various channels around the world, there can be no doubt how much more attractive the Fusion and Bulldozer parts are likely to be over the next 6 months.

Here’s a question for all you budding production plant/inventory/logistics managers: If you had a solid integrated solution for the mass-market and the world’s first consumer 8 core parts about to arrive, how much of your limited production capacity would you set aside to make chips designed several years ago?

From what we’re hearing right now, none.

At this point, we’d normally expect a mini-barrage of emails declaring undying love/support/production for the old chips etc, but – looking at it objectively – how much production space will Apple be giving to iPhone 4 once it launches iPhone 5?

Will Phenom X2 and X4 be no more? Depends if Fusion and Bulldozer deliver

KitGuru says: We hope this rumour is true. Customers who were buying low-end X2 and X4 CPUs would still need basic graphics on the mainboard chipset or buy an entry level graphic card – both of which are redundant with Fusion. If you were buying more expensive X4 chips, then don’t. The X6 range is better and Bulldozer promises much more. It is possible that AMD is temporarily moving production focus to the new chips, and that’s the source of the rumour.

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  • Stefan

    it makes sense really when you think about it

  • ET

    Hopefully this means that the A4 and E2 APU’s will be available soon. It doesn’t make sense to stop production of the lowest end when only $100+ A-series APU’s are available.

  • JD

    yeah this is because their preparing their dual core APU’s soon out at the beginning of the 4th Q. hell their even making the E2 to replace sempron and i thank its a great replacement.

  • daviez

    Good riddence

  • ET

    daviez, I feel that the Athlon X4 was one of the best value for money CPU family. I can only hope that the low end Llano APU’s provide good replacements.

  • Leeman

    Diviez is right, Intel’s owned the Market for so long, AMD need to dump the old and bring in the new!