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Aerocool Cylon 4 brings ARGB and ‘Heat Core Touch’ technology to CPU air coolers

This week we have Aerocool in the spotlight, with the new upcoming Cylon 4 CPU cooler. This cooler pairs ‘Heat Core Touch' technology with an ultra efficient heat pipe design and a heatsink/fan bracket design that directs airflow properly for better cooling and heat ventilation.

The Cylon 4 isn't due to come out until October, so this is a very early sneak preview. The cooler uses PWM Addressable RGB fans, which means there are more LEDs in each RGB strip, with each LED being individually controllable. The fan shroud also comes with a top cover, keeping airflow directed through the heatsink fins and straight out of the back to be blown out of your case by the rear fan.

In terms of heat pipes, Aerocool has something it calls ‘Heat Core Touch Technology', which uses a flat smooth surface to allow direct contact between the heat pipes and the CPU. This minimises heat transfer loss and improves heat dissipation. The heatsink fins are also built to be more efficient, using aluminium and a black coating that aids in heat absorption.

Right now, we are told that the Cylon 4 cooler will support ‘most modern motherboards' and will launch in the UK in October at around the £35 mark. We'll be looking forward to getting some hands-on impressions in the coming months.

KitGuru Says: As far as air coolers go, the Cylon 4 is one of the nicest looking I've seen in a while. Now we'll just have to wait and see how well it performs. Are any of you planning a new PC build for 2019? Will you be going with an air cooler for your CPU?

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