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Dr. Delid aims to make delidding your processor a much easier task

Prior to Intel’s Core i7 7700K launch, there was some concern surrounding the TIM used underneath the CPU heatspreader as early reports had shown the Kaby Lake chip running very hot out of the box. Delidding and replacing the TIM seemed to improve things by quite a lot. However, delidding a CPU is a very risky process and completely voids warranty, meaning most people probably shouldn’t attempt it. That said, Aqua Computer does want to try and make the delid process a little easier, with a new tool called ‘Dr. Delid’.

Dr. Delid is a compact tool that can remove the heat spreader on a Skylake or Kaby Lake CPU, allowing you to replace the thermal paste underneath to yield better temperatures. The tool also allows you to reinstall the head spreader securely to reduce the risk of you destroying your CPU.

The tool works by securing the CPU and then slowly twisting the heat spreader across all four corners to gently pry it off. By applying equal pressure to all four corners, you run less risk of damaging the thin PCB of the chip. The idea is that the tool is designed in such a way that it can operate securely without worrying about destroying your CPU, though you should still be cautious.

The screw used to apply pressure has a safe stopping point built in so you don’t need to worry about overdoing it. There is also a delid disc which removes the heat spreader while locking down the CPU so it doesn’t just fall out. From there, you can remove the CPU through an opening without touching any of the gold contacts.

Once the thermal paste has been replaced, you can use the tool to re-center the heat spreader and glue it back down. A plastic screw is used to secure the heat spreader in place while the glue cures without causing any damage, it also has a stopping point built in so you can’t over tighten and mess the whole thing up.

Delidding will still void your CPU warranty but from the sounds of it, this new tool tries to make it as safe as possible. It will be going on sale at the end of this week on the Aqua Computers store for 29.90 Euros.

KitGuru Says: We wouldn’t recommend delidding your CPU unless you really know what you are doing and can afford the risk. Still, this tool certainly makes the process sound a little less daunting. Have any of you ever delidded a CPU before? How did it go and did you get good results out of it? 

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  • chintao

    I ordered it! never done it before but will try it on my 7700k. if i destroy it, i’m fucked!

  • Maxim Baeten

    Why though, the temp difference is so low it’s not worth risking it like 1-2°C

  • chintao

    saw always getting between 15-30°C after getting rid of the TIM and replace it with liquid metal. just watch some youtube vids

  • Rocky40

    I should get this my i7 3770K @4.7Ghz finally make 5Ghz fully stable and cooler temps.It can run there now but can get fairly warm because of voltage. If it got direct cooling on the cores lower voltage needed and cooler chip as well or could just get a water cooler. Then again With Ryzen coming who knows this ole boy may become a hand me down to a family member…lol

  • mazty

    Any chance kitguru can do delidding benchmarks with a variety of thermal pastes and delidding devices?

  • Steve Kerry

    That is a damned clever idea! I’m not about to try it because I’m not into OC’ing, but the concept behind that device is seriously impressive. Please report on more ideas like this!

  • Jon Fridman

    I wonder if it would work with the Broadwell-E lineup which is also a 6th gen processor obviously. I doubt it will, but it’s worth asking.

  • Gonzalo Tapia

    Well, Ryzen is always an option

  • JustAGuyFromANeighbourhood

    @Maxim Beaten
    Stop writing nonsense if you never tried it yourself.

    I delided and re-lided my 4770k, and friend’s 3770k, 4790k and 6700k
    results on load : 4770k – 16-18c , 3770k – 15-17c, 4790k – 8-12c, 6700k – 18-22c
    (those numbers = temperature lower after deliding).

    ie: i was able to hit max up to 4.5GHz stable with ~75-80c,
    now hitting 4.8GHz with same temps.
    Gaming goes up to 72-75c on BF1.
    Tested with good, old Thermalright T.R.U.E. + Silwer Arrow mounting kit for socket 1150.


  • D2ultima

    Hey Kitguru, check out the Rockit delid and relid tools as well. They’ve got a lot of nice extras in them and are pretty safe and easy to use.

    Also 7700Ks were born to be delidded >__>

  • topdown

    …because Intel are tight and should use proper goo under the lid.

  • Jimmy Q

    Dr. Delid is a compact tool that can remove the heat spreader on a Skylake or Kaby Lake CPU

  • akryl9296

    Hey, let me know if you’ve done it. I’m curious how good that Dr. Delid tool really is, and if it’s reliable enough to use (I want to minimize the risk). Cheers!