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LUKE and LEO get technical – The AMD Zen 2 Episode!

Now that Ryzen 3000 has been out for a few weeks and we’ve had a good chunk of time with the new processors and X570 platform, Leo and Luke got together to discuss recent findings. It is a lengthy discussion, going over Zen overclocking, X570 as a whole, using Ryzen 3000 on an older motherboard, what’s next for Threadripper and more.

Watch video via Vimeo (below) or over on YouTube at 2160p HERE


  • 1:53
    Why does Ryzen 5 3600X exist? Hardware Unboxed has shown they perform the same.
    What benefit do you get from the 95W TDP over 65W or is it all hocus pocus?
  • 8:43
    Manual overclocking of Zen and Precision Boost 2
  • 13:57
    How’s it going with X570 motherboard reviews?
    AGESA before launch, AGESA arrived around the time of launch followed by other versions
  • 20:05
    Should you use Ryzen 3000 with an older motherboard?
  • 21:47
    Relative costs of LGA115x, X299, TR4 and AM4 platforms
  • 23:43
    X570 chipset – 15W, active cooling, PCIe Gen 4. Check out the motherboard prices!
  • 28:08
    Threadripper 3000. New platform expected, perhaps in October. Let’s call it X599. Do we expect Threadripper 3000 to come with 24-core and 32-core versions. Will there be a 16-core? will it go further and hit 48-core and 64-core?
  • 34:48
    Luke loves Ryzen 7 3700X with an X470 board
  • 35:33
    B550 chipset
  • 36:33
    X570 chipsets draw so much power they require active cooling so the fans are also used to cool the M.2 slots.
  • 47:47
    What is the lifespan of a cooling fan?
  • 52:42
    X570 active cooling can also cool the VRMs with segue into VRM design on Intel and AMD
    (55 minutes both Leo and Luke say Z370 but mean AMD X370)
  • 59:37 – Leo tries to remember the second point – and succeeds!
  • 60:13
    Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme mega power from 14-phase VRM
  • 63:33
    G.Skill Trident Z and Neo DDR4 support on AMD
  • 65:55
    Zen 2 memory controller and Infinity Fabric. 3600MHz is the limit for good behaviour and not 3733MHz
  • 74:13
    Luke was going to upgrade from Core i9-9900K to Ryzen 3700X on a new X370 board!
    And now he has used Intel Quick Sync Video on Core i9-9900K

KitGuru Says: Lots of good insights here from Luke and Leo. Are many of you looking to upgrade to 3rd Gen Ryzen this year? 

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