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AMD to start actual sales of Radeon R9 300-series in mid- and late-June

Advanced Micro Devices plans to formally unveil its new family of graphics adapters at the Computex Taipei 2015 trade-show in early June, but the actual sales of its new graphics adapters are expected to start later next month.

AMD’s partners will begin to sell Radeon R9 380, R9 370 and R7 360 graphics cards as well as their derivatives on the 18th of June, 2015. The flagship products – the AMD Radeon R9 390-series – will hit the market on the 24th of June, 2015, reports BenchLife web-site citing undisclosed sources.

Developers of graphics cards often begin selling their latest products a couple of weeks after official announcements. A slight delay with the Radeon R9 390-series introduction will hardly harm its sales.


As reported, the new flagship graphics solutions from AMD – the Radeon R9 390-series graphics cards – are based on the code-named “Fiji” graphics processing unit. The GPU reportedly features revamped GCN 1.3 architecture and integrates 4096 stream processors (64 compute units), 256 texture units as well as all-new memory controller to support vertically stacked high bandwidth memory (HBM) chips with 1024-bit input/output interface. The top-of-the-range Radeon R9 390X is expected to feature 8GB of HBM memory with up to 640GB/s of bandwidth (thanks to 4096-bit memory bus and 1.25GT/s transfer rate).

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: It has taken AMD quite a long time to prepare the world’s first graphics card with HBM memory, but it looks like the company is on the home straight now.

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