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AMD’s dual-GPU Radeon R9 Fury X2 ‘Gemini’ adapter spotted in India

Advanced Micro Devices has begun to test its upcoming dual-chip graphics card internally. The company shipped six samples of its dual-GPU Radeon graphics adapters to India, which means that the company is developing drivers for the solution.

According to Zauba.com database, which monitors imports and exports to and from India, where high-tech companies employ a lot of software developers, AMD shipped six “Fiji Gemini” graphics cards from Canada to India. The graphics boards carry two “Fiji” graphics processing units and a cooling system designed by Cooler Master, reports WccfTech.

Typically, AMD begins to send samples of its graphics cards to India months before the announcement. If AMD shipped the very first samples of its dual-GPU Radeon R9 Fury X2 graphics boards to its Indian developers in late September, it may indicate that the product will be formally introduced very late in 2015 or even early in 2016.

Dual-GPU AMD Radeon R9 Fury. Image by Anshel Sag, staff technologist and technical writer at Moor Insights & Strategy.

The upcoming dual-chip AMD Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card – which may be officially called Radeon R9 Fury X2 or Radeon R9 Fury Maxx – features two code-named “Fiji XT” GPUs with 4096 stream processors and 4GB of HBM memory. In total, the graphics solution features 8192 stream processors and 8GB of high-bandwidth memory. The board has two 8-pin PCI Express power connectors, which means that it can consume up to 375W of power.

Manufacturer suggested retail price of AMD’s Radeon Fury X is $649. It is highly likely that the dual-GPU product will cost over $1000.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: Looks like AMD Radeon R9 Fury X2 will not be introduced this fall, but will likely hit the market only in winter.

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  1. I predict amd will release the fury x2 by end of november, or beginning of december.kitguru is baised against amd ever since they were denied a sample from amd.i believe the fury x2 will out perform the dual graphics card from nvidia, because you have to take into account the 8gb hbm memory the fury x2 will have.

  2. wont this have the same issue any given sli/crossfire setup runs into with vRAM, that its going to have to mirror on both so that 8GB total vRAM will act as 4GB?

  3. Limited by only 4GB of HBM1 per GPU and clocked to near max with very little OCing headroom AMD’s water cooled by a massive radiator Fury is a Bust. Much rather have a Dual Air Cooled GM200 Maxwell with 6GB of memory per GPU that can be overclocked to 1400MHz or more. NO Flagship 28nm GPU needs 4GB of HBM1, the bandwidth is wasted and 4GB is 4K gaming gimped.

  4. DX12/Vulcan, in theory, will allow for straight sum of the memories, thus totalling 8GB. But then again, in theory…

  5. Unless DX12 solves that issues and allows cards to pool the ram in crossfire/sli, that’s right. That said, with 1 monitor 4k, it’s not an issue yet.

    I can see it becoming one as early as next year though. I feel like they should’ve maybe waited on HBM generation 2 before releasing a top end “Fury” card based on it. HBM1’s not that great except in terms of size / performance.

  6. Irishgamer Gamer

    Better than two Fury x’s, with one Rad, a no brainer.
    (For fanboys) I have serveral AMD 5 x 290x, 2 x 290, 2 x 285. Won’t be buying anymore.

    Rest of world wait for pascal

  7. Irishgamer Gamer

    A Fureon?, great movie , didn’t he get dethroned and abandoned at the start of the third film?
    Guess you are the last of your kind. (chronicals of riddick)


    The fury is a great card at the wrong price. Its not just a little off, price that is. You need to lop off 150 across the range. They are not the fasted, and never will be. Price must reflect this, and restore AMD perceived value for money. Sales will follow.

  8. Last year in december I’ve sold my new pc and bought a i5 4690k and a gtx 970… I hate it… AMD is like an Alpha Romeu… It usualy sucks, but once you get it to work the sence of acomplishment is amazing… I love amd and hope they can get out of this mess… This Gpu is going to be a beast like the r9 295×2 are….

  9. It will, considering that two Fury X in CF tends to match and outperform the GTX 980 Ti on SLI thanks to the superior multi GPU scaling as they use xDMA, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  10. Christopher Lennon

    So, why does the 295×2 still beat the 980ti and the titan X, when it only has 4gb of GDDR5 per GPU. Crossfire has been proven again and again to have better scaling than sli, 100% in games like tomb raider. Besides, if the 980ti and Titan X already run hot, a dual gpu will definitely have issues, and if nvidia implements an AIO water cooling solution, expect them to charge $150 more than AMD. Go ahead and lookup PCWordl’s article and review on the Fury non-x in crossfire, it even beats the 980ti in SLI in almost half the games, if the non-x is doing that, the dual fury x is going to be a lot better than you think.

  11. Christopher Lennon

    so why does the fury x beat the 980ti in 4K in many games? And why does the non X fury in crossfire beat the 980ti SLI in half the games tested at 4k and 1440p? Go ahead and look up PCWorld’s article on it, and you’ll see. I know when you’re a fan like you are, it’s hard to be objective, but which company has better success with dual gpu? The 295×2 had way hotter chips and a 120mm rad and didn’t go above 71°c, while the 980 ti and Titan X run at 83° and already have problems with thermal throttling. especially in SLI. Every benchmark of the fury X crossfire vs the 980ti Sli at 4k, show the Fury X winning in essentially every game. So what’s going to happen, when the nvidia cjip, with an aircooling option and twice the heat is running? and the precious overclocking is throttled? also, in sli, all the cards are forced to run at the frequency of the lowest chip…all the evidence points to the dual fiji being the winner, so what makes you so certain?

  12. amd cards are not really that expensive when you take into account how expensive nvidia cards are.just look at the price of titan x,then you will realise how cheap amd cards are.

  13. just look at the price of a r9 390.selling just for $299.99.one of the best value cards I ever seen.

  14. or rest of the world will wait for artic islands.

  15. don’t forget about the r9 390/390x which has 8GBs of vram,.and only cost $299.99 for the non x version, and $399.99 for the x version.when you compare price with performance nothing beats these cards.keep on using your overpriced cards,while i’ll use my bang for the buck cards,getting about the same performance as you,but for half the price.

  16. Pascal tap out before dx12,I think pascal will in trouble.

  17. the fury x beats a standard reference 980ti in 4k, If you have a non reference 980ti and overclock it it totaly destorys the fury x in everything including 4k

  18. yea but how long will the cards dat are overclocked last

    my fury x is allways around 28-33celcius when playing games

    whilst the overclocked nvidia cards are hitting 80-90 celcius

    and its silent,, i cant ever hear it,, my cpu and hard drives are louder

    u guys read shit online n believe it

    i have the card.

    a 980ti may be 1-4 fps more in some games,,but 3 fps dont make the card better

    amd cards can run a game in 3d on ANY DEVICE,, nvidia cards cant,, it only works on like 4 tvs.

    also the fury x looks better

    and amd delibratly designed it so u can take the side cover off an 3d print your own

    that in itself is a reason to buy the fury x over the nvidia cards

    also the voltage unlocker is cumin for the fury x soon so watch more overclocking headroom

    man only dumbasses go for the nvidia cards

  19. AMD shares are even cheaper, relatively speaking of course.