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Asus preps Ares III graphics card with two AMD ‘Hawaii’ chips

Asustek Computer is known for exotic products that require exceptional engineering skills and which deliver performance and capabilities that are unique for the whole industry. At present the company is busy with a new “world’s first” project: a graphics card based on two AMD Radeon R9 290X “Hawaii” graphics processing units.

The new dual-chip product will be called Ares III and will belong to the Republic of Gamers family. It will not be widely available, but it will clearly become a dream of many hardware enthusiasts. With two AMD “Hawaii” GPUs and 8GB of GDDR5 memory (4GB for every chip), the novelty will boast with up to 5632 stream processors as well as over 11TFLOPS of single-precision compute performance.

Chinese VR-Zone web-site claims that the Ares III will use one large printed-circuit board with extremely advanced multi-phase VRM and high-quality components. Since the Ares III will be a limited edition product, it is logical to assume that it will boast with fully-fledged Hawaii GPUs operating at high clock-rates. Previous-generation Ares II powered by two AMD “Tahiti” chips used a special liquid-cooling solution. The upcoming graphics board will also likely use a very advanced cooler.


It is expected that Asus will demonstrate the new dual-chip flagship at Computex Taipei 2014 trade-show in early June. The novelty will likely hit the market this summer.

Asus and AMD did not comment on the news-story.

KitGuru Says: Asus Ares III will indisputably be an ultimate graphics solution that will leave behind virtually everything that is on the market today. However, since it will be a limited edition product, just around a thousand of customers will be able to buy and enjoy it. The big question is whether AMD is also working on a similar dual-chip Radeon R9 290X graphics board, which will be a more or less mass product that will become available from multiple vendors.

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