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First benchmark results of GeForce GTX Titan X get published

As Nvidia continues to keep virtually all information about its forthcoming GeForce GTX Titan X graphics card under wraps, unofficial sources continue to feed the world with preliminary information about the forthcoming solutions. One of the web-sites has published what it claims to be the first benchmark results of the GeForce GTX Titan X.


VideoCardz has managed to obtain alleged benchmark results of Nvidia’s upcoming flagship graphics card. The web-site does not reveal such essential information as testbed configuration, driver versions and other details, it also does not disclose whether its journalists tested the new graphics card themselves or obtained results from third-party sources.

Based on the numbers published by VideoCardz, the GeForce GTX Titan operating at its default clock-speeds of 1GHz/7GHz (GPU/memory) scores:

  • 22903 points in 3DMark 11 Performance, which is 34.8 per cent faster compared to reference GeForce GTX 980;
  • 7427 points in 3DMark 11 Extreme, which is 39.9 per cent faster compared to reference GeForce GTX 980;
  • 17470 points in 3DMark FireStrike, which is 36 per cent faster compared to reference GeForce GTX 980;
  • 7989 points in 3DMark FireStrike Extreme, which is 36 per cent faster compared to reference GeForce GTX 980;


If the benchmark results are accurate, then the GeForce GTX Titan X performs just as expected: around 33 per cent faster than the GeForce GTX 980 in typical cases. For more detailed performance results, check the source.

Nvidia did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: Traditionally, take all unofficial benchmarks with a grain of salt because Nvidia can still update drivers or even alter clock-rates of commercial graphics cards. Nonetheless, given specifications of the GeForce GTX Titan X, it is logical to expect the board to have 33 – 50 per cent performance advantage over the GTX 980.

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  • Feche Chiaravalli


  • Guest

    So 40% performance for 2-300% additional outlay? With maxwells low TDP it would defy logic for anyone to chose this platform over SLI 980s (3 way SLI could be an option depending on pricing and mainboard) even if you only gain 50% on SLI scaling from games with poor support it still makes more sense. The only way the titan x would be a viable solution would be if its price point fell somewhat in line with its performance gain – something impossible to do mainly due to the ridiculous 12gb of memory it is shipping with ramping up production cost. 8gb of SK Hynix 8ghz would have been more beneficial imho. I still think for the meantime (even with the 3.5gb revelation) the gtx 970 offers the best cost to performance ratio possible with current technology and any truly tech savvy gamer would go 970 and add a second on SLI if required – unless future upgrades will be limited by a small form factor build in which case a single 980 should be ample

  • Trenter

    There’s no way titan x can fully utilize 12gb of vram, framerates would be in single digits before it even gets close. This is obviously a marketing checkbox to nvidia. They know that amd is using hbm technology and they can’t match their bandwidth so they’re choosing to compete with more memory. Titan x will be a true flagship chip though, can’t wait to see it go head to head with the 390x.

  • Etienne Boutet boucher

    average 30%+ more peformance than 980 but twice or more the price of 980 i bet

  • DelQz

    Now we wait for the benchmarks of AMD’s newest offering..

  • Charles Charalambous

    As much as I like Nvidia cards, this is another pointless product by them…. One of my MSI 970s has started randomly hitting 80c+ in games at 80% fan speed, while my other 1 is 40% fan speed 60c tops… .Once I get that fixed though my 970 sli oc setup which will be at least half the price out performs this… No one needs 12GB VRAM yet… Whole product is pointless

  • tobias svelander

    That’s becuase YOU don’t know what to do with this product i can use Titan X in 3-4 WAY SLI no problem and still need more power.

    I play 7780×1440 144Hz G-SYNC Surround and i need the power, atm i have 4x Titan orginal and i sitll need more power so plz dont talk before you know what you can do with this.
    And the price is not a problem.

  • tobias svelander

    It can use all of the memory, depends if you load in the textures or if you wanna swap the textuers in and out in and out very fast.

    I have 4x Titan orginal i can use 6072MB VRAM no problem so and the maxwell memory controller and stuff is ALOT better.

  • Charles Charalambous

    You know how small a minority you are right. You are the first person I have come across that one uses inefficient 4 way sli, and 2 had enough money to buy 4 TITANS. You are literally less than 1% of Nvidia Users. 4 titans is insane, you must be rich, nothing wrong with that mind you. Just your average joe COULD NEVER AFFORD 4 TITANS

  • tobias svelander

    Yes we are the 1-5 % that does this.
    I know 🙂

    But check out Titan Thread on OCN 😉 you will see how many people we are 😉

    I earn 2600 euro a month iam not rich i save money and buy stuff for my hobby 🙂

  • tobias svelander


    Here you can see 😉

  • Charles Charalambous

    M8 you do not realize how tiny a minority you are and 2600 euro a month isn’t that bad an income. You must understand hwo isnane it is to spend all that money on 4 titans… It’s my hobby too. I spent over 3000 on my setup, because I like monitors with hig color accuracy etc. That money on 4 titans is insane

  • tobias svelander

    Ye but 2600 euro, after taxes in sweden that is 1900 euro, then pay stuff 600 euro.
    1300 euro left, so i dont earn alot.

    And it is not insane if you like your hobby man, it is not about the money.

    We are a small amount but does it matter?

  • Carl Hill

    There’s a 980 that cost $700.00 and another one that cost $800.00…

  • Guest

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  • Patrik

    The Titan X, just like all the previous Titan cards, are workstation/gaming hybrids. There are plenty of workstation situations where 12GB disappears in a flash. It’s on the card because it’s useful for the kind of people that should be buying this card, and because the extra cost doesn’t matter to the people who have too much money to care about performance value.

  • James Brand

    The only time it will have a advantage is in games like Star Citizen which are being coverted to 64 Bit Double Precision which the 980 is so terrible at even a 780Ti and R9 290/X beat it by almost double in the case of the 780Ti. other than that yeah pretty pointless for the average gamer

  • Zen

    “KitGuru Says: Traditionally, take all unofficial benchmarks with a grain of salt”.
    No shit, two months ago the 960 was a 4GB 770 beater at 100 watts TDP for £140-£150.

  • Etienne Boutet boucher

    they will sell it more than 1k anyway, look at other titan price.

  • Lazz

    Im going to get 2 and go 4k since its probably the first gpu that can handle it properly.
    so there are reasons to get this card if you can afford it. I also am not rich i just have a hobby that i spend money on and dont spend it on other things..

  • e92m3

    Because why do you still use them if you’re looking for absolute performance? I mean really, your cards aren’t even very close to the best possible solutions for driving large numbers of pixels.
    You’re definitely not making use of double-precision compute, so other than paying more for less, I don’t see any logic behind your choices.

  • Guest

    980s handle 4k properly. Actually better. My 3 980s beat Titan X SLI and at the same price point….

  • Lazz

    And how often do you hit 4 gig vram limit? Youl be hitting it more and more when new games come out so have fun with the stuttering. Also the scaling of 3 cards is not as good as 2. So no doubt in a few games 2 titan xs will prob beat 3 980s. Anyway guess wel have to wait and see..

  • tobias svelander

    I wonder what cards at 2013-02-19 was best for my choice plz tell me.

    There was no card with 6GB VRAM then with so high performance.

  • Lazz

    Guess you were wrong about 3 980s being as powerful as 2 titan xs 🙂


  • Per Wigren

    I used to be like you, spending all my hard earned money on tech (and partying) that is close to worthless after a few years. How I regret that now. Had I invested only half of it I would be close to economically independent today, living of dividends, regarding the job salary as mostly just a bonus, despite the stock market crashes… Do some compound interest (ränta-på-ränta) calculations and see for yourself. Just my 2 öre.