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Nvidia already tests GM200 GPU, successor for GeForce GTX Titan may be nearing

Nvidia Corp. recently shipped the first samples of graphics cards based on the code-named GM200 graphics processing units (GPUs) to its developers in India. This confirms that the company already taped out the new GPU and got the first samples of the chip from the fab. Theoretically, Nvidia could launch commercial graphics cards based on the GM200 already later this year.

According to Zauba.com database, which monitors imports and exports to and from India, where high-tech companies employ a lot of software developers, Nvidia shipped the first graphics cards based on the GM200 to its developers in early July. Recently the company imported the so-called “customer samples” of graphics boards powered by the GM200 GPU to India, which may be an indicator that the new graphics processor is approaching its commercial launch, reports WccfTech.

Based on the data from Zauba, Nvidia first imported GM204-based graphics cards to its Indian developers in early June. As reported, the GeForce GTX 860/870/880 graphics cards based on the GM204 will be rolled-out in late September, or early October. Therefore, it takes Nvidia around four months to finalize a product after it ships its first test samples to Indian developers. It is possible that Nvidia officially launches its GM200-based solutions in November, if everything goes as planned.


Nvidia’s GM200 graphics processing unit is believed to be based on the second-generation Maxwell architecture and is reportedly designed to replace the GK110 graphics processor as the world’s most advanced GPU. The chip is reportedly made using 28nm process technology.

It is noteworthy that graphics cards based on the GM204 and the GM200 carry A1 revisions of the chip. Typically Nvidia launches commercial products with A2 revisions. The status of the latter is completely unknown.

Nvidia did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: While we can be pretty sure that Nvidia will launch its GM204-based products this October (there are too many GM204-related leaks, therefore, there is no smoke without fire), the destiny of GM200-based products remains rather unclear. On the one hand, Nvidia needs something to replace the GK110 in order to offer something more powerful than the GeForce GTX 780 and the GTX 780 Ti. Oh the other hand, sales of the current-generation GeForce GTX solutions are hardly poor in the high-end market. Hence, the replacement may not be needed just now.

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