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AMD Execs page updated as opportunities get created

Confirmation just in on that third AMD exit, as the corporate web site gets updated to show the future line-up. KitGuru continues to be confused at the number and level of changes.

Regardless of the reasons why any of these execs left AMD today, one thing is for certain – they will be replaced and quickly.

That means a big splash in the recruitment market. Imagine picking up 20-30% of a 6-7 figure salary as commission on one placement – that is going to offer significant motivation for the ‘close'.

Normally, when taking over such a senior role, the person coming in will want some control over their team – including the hiring, firing and rearrangement of the team.

Comparing old and new org charts, the holes are definitely there – which means so is the opportunity.


KitGuru says: Nervous times ahead for AMD. Will be interesting to see how long it takes for the dust to settle and a new General Manager, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Strategy Officer to be appointed – before kicking off department rearrangements. We all want Intel and nVidia to have genuine competition – so let's hope this helps.

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