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AMD Heads of Marketing and Strategy leave company as well

Quite an amazing day over at AMD HQ. News in that a statutory 8K filing has revealed that the company has just lost its heads of marketing and strategy. What is going on in Texas we wonder?

From time to time a large organisation will see senior personnel come and go, but KitGuru cannot remember a time when the heads of strategy and marketing leave on the same say as the Senior Vice President and General Manager.

You can see the details of the activity over here.

We heard earlier that John Byrne had decided to ‘follow other pursuits', but this latest news gives everything a much more serious spin.

Collette LaForce was brought in from Dell at significant cost just 2 years ago and with some fanfare. Now she's gone.

It's all happened so fast that there is a major Collette LaForce shaped hole in AMD's bio pages.


KitGuru says: We're expecting more in over the coming hours. Stunning story. What does this mean for AMD?

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