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AMD HD6850 pricing hits HD7770 hard

AMD launched their HD7770 today, and it was met with a mixed reception in our reviews. The performance isn’t bad, but the price point seems a little high. The issue hasn’t been helped with the very low pricing of the last generation HD6850 via etailers today.

It would appear the demand for HD6850 is very high, as we noticed that Overclockers in the UK were selling the Asus ATI Radeon HD 6850 DirectCU V2 1024MB at a staggeringly low price of £89.99 inc vat. Zardon even mentioned it in the HD7770 reviews this morning as it seemed like one of the best deals we had seen this year. Especially as this card uses the excellent Direct CU V2 cooler.

We refreshed the site just before 10am and it appears that the price has increased by £20 in the space of a few minutes. If you managed to get in before the price was increased then you ended up with one of the best deals we have seen for months. Has the demand been too high for this card?

If you are still looking for a bargain price, then you can get some other HD6850’s for around £20-£30 less than the equivalent, yet slower HD7770. Here, here and here.

Kitguru says: Did you snag one of the bargain deals of 2012 before the price increased?

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