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AMD HD6990 3072 stream processors, 2×256-bit 4GB

Many people are waiting on the new AMD HD6990 to hit retail and news has leaked that the upcoming high end card will feature two Cayman GPUs with 3072 stream processors, powered with 4GB of GDDR5 memory across a 2×256 bit memory interface.

Pictures of the card are already in the wild and Hardwarezone.com have several pictures of the product online over here.

The fan is centrally positioned between the two cores, with a dual slot cooler design. Information leaked in the Far East suggests there will be a dual vapor chamber design. Pictures show a 6 pin and an 8 pin power connector although this may very well change to dual 8 pin for the final released product.

For those with deeper pockets, there will be dual crossfire connectors onboard and the card can output via a single DVI and four mini displayports.

Pricing is not confirmed and these specifications may change before release, but we would assume a £400+ asking price in the UK.

KitGuru says: Excited yet?

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  • Tech Head

    Very nice, bit expensive and unneeded for my 1080p screen, but look forward to seeing it hit the stores.

  • Stupido

    Excited? Not really…
    Curious? Yes, indeed…

  • Fisshy

    I feel sorry for the poor sap who invests his money on the reference design… This card should be worth the wait!

    Review time Zardon!