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Forbes gives AMD top spot in notebook GPU sector

Nvidia have not taken as much market as AMD in the last quarter, according to reports from Forbes. They say that AMD's market share of the discrete notebook market has been rising steadily since 2007. AMD own 60 percent of the GPU market making it the leader, by a long shot.

Nvidia aren't to be ignored however, with Forbes adding “We believe in the future AMD may lose share due to strong competition from Nvidia as Nvidia is considered to have better graphics performance which is more appealing to gamers.”

Appealing to gamers? AMD's upcoming new high end board, the HD7000. Yes we are kidding, relax.

They go on to mention that AMD won a good deal with Apple, which will see their designs in high end Apple MacBook Pro machines,. which will improve their image. Forbes add that they think AMD's notebook share will drop to 54 percent by the end of the forecast period, but their share price will increase.

Forbes say that things are not going well for sales of ‘add in graphics cards', used in PC's, as the market saw the use of alternative technologies in low end systems. Despite the lower shipments, the industry revenue figures were not damaged with add in graphics cards reaping $17.2 billion, an increase of 0.8 percent from 2009. Growth has come mainly from the use of high end, expensive graphics cards in gaming computers and professional workstations.

KitGuru says: With the release of AMD's HD6990 and Nvidia's GTX590, it will be interesting to see how the high end gamers will adopt the new technology. We think AMD will take a bigger percentage, due to the price to performance ratio of their solution.

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  1. Lol @ HD7000. the noise would be lovely !

    Congrats to AMD for market position, very good.