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Radeon HD5970 pricing due to drop: expect £30 less

Our reports show that AMD are due to drop the user price of their HD5970 graphics card in reaction to the launch of the nVidia GTX580. nVidia's new card is a monster, so AMD feel the need to bring their own monster in direct conflict.

While this has yet to take affect in the UK we have noticed a few locations in Europe already seem to have listed prices as low as €389.

As a straight translation into British Pounds, with 17.5% VAT, we get £389.

How seriously will nVidia take this move is uncertain.

The thing to look for would be a price move from nVidia on the GTX580. If we see it start to be offered under it's launch price of £399, then we will know the 5970 is being considered a serious threat and that nVidia have moved to counter it.

Still the fastest thing on the planet: The HD5970 will drop in price, but we can't say for certain what will happen with special editions.

We hope this hits the UK soon as prices are still in the wallet sapping £460-£500 region, meaning it is around £30+ more than nVidia's high end benchmark.

KitGuru says: It is still a lot of ponies to cough up, but if  you were looking for the fastest card in the world, then that is still the 5970. In the aftermath of the global downturn, who would have thought that we'd have price wars for graphic cards around the £399 mark?

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  1. interesting news. makes sense for AMD, as they cant do it with a single core.

  2. It would need to drop by £200 before I could afford it, but still, good to know AMD are doing their best to compete with that monster from nvidia.