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Mafia 2 to help sell Fermi hardware – full physX support

Mafia was one of the greatest games ever made, when it was released gamers across the globe embraced its combination of rich story line with Grand Theft Auto style game elements. With the successor to be released in a few days, many predict that this game alone will help push sales of the GTX460 into the current gaming market. We can already imagine the nVidia sales team are rubbing their hands gleefully expectant.

Mafia 2 fully supports physX and when we spoke with nVidia this week they said that the PC version is going to be an incredible experience, offering so much more than the console versions. PhysX is the foundation for destructable environments which results in a highly immersive and dynamic game experience.

The physX support is sure to help push the flagging sales of the latest Fermi hardware and if the video footage is anything to go by, the game itself looks to be one of 2010’s success stories.

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