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Mac OS X 10.7 to become a hybrid iOS ?

Apple have a fairly unifed operating system which shares similar code algorithms between the main OS X and iOS platforms. Patently Apple have discovered a patent application filed with the World Intellectual Property Organisation earlier this year which points to potentially major interface changes.

Apple love touch input, the iPad has been their success story of 2010 and with the new patent filing it looks as if they could be trying to adapt the desktop and mobile platform along this route. Many developers feel that iOS is having the greater influence right now and this is verified by many sources, including Cable Sasser, co founder and developer at Panic. He told Ars Technica earlier this year that he feels that OS X 10.7 could very well be a hyrid OS.

“I could see a gradual, slow merger between iOS and Mac OS X styles and approaches,” Sasser told Ars Technica. “It doesn't make sense for them to be developing two of everything, one good, one not as good—two calendars, two address books—it's got to merge somehow.”

There are also many trains of thought that a future version of OSX could switch UI interface methodologies depending on the user's needs. This device could very well be a light, fully capable Mac laptop and a slightly heavier and fast iPad depending on the task at hand. This would be verified by research on people who have bought, or who have been interested in buying an iPad. They feel it is a diverse and useful device, but when serious tasks have to be undertaken then it is ditched for a more traditionally designed Macbook.

The WIPO patent application called “Transitioning between modes of input” explains how an iMac computer could be tilted from a vertical to a horizontal position to allow for the change in interface requirements. When a change in the screen angle is detected by the software then UI would change into a touch based interface. When this is titled vertically then the switch would be made back to keyboard and mouse.

KitGuru says: Does this excite you or do you think it is a failed approach at a novel design concept?

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