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MSI release R6950-2PM2D2GD5 and R6970-2PM2D2GD5

MSI have just announced the release of their new HD6970 and HD6950 graphics cards. While the cards are based on the reference design – like all the rest, they are getting a rather unique feature – a bundled copy of the excellent 3DMark 11.

MSI, the world class manufacturer of mainboards and graphics cards, is pleased to announce the launch of the R6950-2PM2D2GD5 and R6970-2PM2D2GD5 graphics cards. Both cards have 2GB of high speed DDR5 on board allowing fast frames on up to four displays. The new R6950-2PM2D2GD5 and R6970-2PM2D2GD5 are cooled by an advanced vapor chamber cooler and built with quality components like All Solid Capacitors. MSI’s exclusive Afterburner allows advanced fan speed control, and burn-in stability tests through MSI’s Kombustor.

3DMark 11 Advanced Edition bundled
MSI is the official mainboard and graphics card partner for 3DMark 11. MSI is bundling 3DMark 11 Advanced Edition with all R6900 series graphics cards, this way you can start benchmarking your card and compare your scores against friends right out of the box. 3DMark 11 is the best way to experience the DirectX 11 power of the R6950-2PM2D2GD5 and R6970-2PM2D2GD5.

Marketing Name R6970-2PM2D2GD5 R6950-2PM2D2GD5
Model Name V803 V803
GPU AMD Radeon HD 6970 AMD Radeon HD 6950
Codename Cayman XT Cayman Pro
Stream Processors 1536 1408
Core Clock 880 MHz 800 MHz
Memory Clock 5500 MHz 5000 MHz
Memory Size 2048 MB GDDR5 2048 MB GDDR5
Memory Bus 256 bit 256 bit
Output Mini DisplayPort x2 / HDMI / DVI x2 Mini DisplayPort x2 / HDMI / DVI x2
TDP 250W 200W
Card Dimension 275x110x38mm 275x110x38mm
Afterburner Support Y Y
DirectX 11 11
OpenGL 4.1 4.1
CrossFireX Y Y
Eyefinity Y Y
Avivo HD Y Y
PowerPlay Y Y
Form Factor ATX ATX

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