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Nvidia claim damning JPR report is an ‘irrelevant metric’

Nvidia UK PR rep Ben Berraondo has spoken with UK news site THINQ_ and has claimed that the latest JPR report is an ‘irrelevant metric’.

According to thinq_ Berraondo didn’t deny the findings, but he says that the company has drawn some misleading conclusions when marketing the report to analysts. “The JPR data reports on overall graphics shipments which is no longer a relevant metric for Nvidia since we exited the chipset business.”

Master UK spin maker: Nvidia's Ben Berraondo

Berraondo then used figures from rival analyst Mercury Research to show a maintained lead in discrete GPU’s, the main focus for Nvidia. He added “As the figures show we’re the leader in discrete graphics and there is also a healthy growth projection for the discrete GPU market.” It really is as simple as that.

What we do see however is that Mercury Research also show a four percentage drop quarter on quarter. Additionally, the 65 per cent share in the discrete desktop graphics market has dropped to 59.4 percent for Nvidia. Doesn’t look like he commented on that however.

KitGuru says: Somewhere between the truth and a lie, there’s “spin.”

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