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Apple climb 21 spots, hit top 50 in Fortune 500

Apple fans will be pleased to hear that everything is looking rosy for the company this year. They have climbed a further 21 spots and have hit into the top 50 positions of the Fortune 500 list. They rise from the previous rank of 56 to a new high of 35, highlighting their market dominance in the last year.

Apple as a company are continuing to see growth, releasing products that consumers seem to love. The iPad has been selling millions every month, and their iPhone range has just been enhanced by the new shiny ‘white' version of the iPhone 4, women in particular seem to warm to this colour. This is a new release set to drive more sales until the iPhone 5 is up for sale later this year. The iPad 2 has also been a hot seller since it was announced, helping Apple to generate many more millions in revenue, every month.

Steve Jobs: a dynamic leader

The only thorn in their side right now is the health of legendary CEO, the dynamic Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is still involved in the running of the company, but due to health problems has been taking some time out for recover and treatment. Insiders say that he is still active with important decisions and holds weekly conference calls from this home to help direct development, design and business structuring.

KitGuru says: While many people claim that Apple would struggle if Jobs was unable to return to his position, we feel that the company is in such a strong position now that it would be hard for them to lose market dominance.

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