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nVidia GT440 released – OEM only

nVidia launched the GT440 today with not much of a fanfare. The card is a DX11 part and is OEM only, which means it is going to appear in prebuilt systems in the run up to Christmas.

The GT440 is about as exciting as the GT430 (yawns) and features 144 Cuda Cores with clocks of 594mhz on the core and memory at 1,600mhz or 1,800mhz. They will be offering two versions with 1.5gb or 3gb of DDR3 memory, tied into a 192 bit system bus.

The card delivers very competitive power drain figures of 56W meaning it can use a single slot cooler with a tiny fan … which we hope spins slow enough to keep noise levels low. SLI is also supported which means you could have 6GB of video memory, a weird decision considering the card isn’t going to be powerful enough to handle high resolutions with a lot of texture detail in the first place. HDMI, VGA and DVI will be supported out of the box although vendors may remove specific outputs to suit their own machines.

KitGuru says: nVidia don’t plan on bringing this to market as a standalone part which is a pretty good move as we can’t see too many enthusiast gamers being that interested anyway.

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