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iPad sales aren’t as good as expected, iPhones drive profit

Well we never thought we would be reporting this after all the hype over the last three months, but it appears that Apple sold less iPads that expected, with 4.19 million sales falling short of the 5 million that was estimated.

Strong sales of the iPhone helped Apple generate over $20 billion in the last quarter, with a staggering 14 million units sold.

Iphone selling by the bucketload

Jane Snorek, Analyst for First American Funds said “iPads were low, but I also think they had a lot of production problems getting that off the ground. So I don’t think that really is a good demand indicator for iPad. IPad demand is red hot and they can sell as much as they can make. “I’m sure cooler heads will prevail and it (the stock) will continue to go up. They’re going to have a huge Christmas. Frankly, they won’t have any real competition for a year. Tablets are just crucifying notebooks.”

KitGuru says: selling over 4 million iPads is a heck of an achievement, and estimates say that Apple will shift over 6 million in Q4.

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