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MSI GTX460 HAWK Talon Attack Vs Powercolor HD5770 CrossFireX

KitGuru has been a vocal advocate of the GTX 460 – we believe it is the best value for money card on the market right now. Equally so we have also been singing the praises of AMD’s HD5770 since it was released, especially as a paired up, high performance, low cost Crossfire solution. What better than taking prime examples of each set up, clocking them to extremes and launching them at each other, using KitGuru’s Large Hadron Benchmark Collider? Don your safety gear and let the smashing begin!

We already know that two HD5770‘s are comfortably faster than a standard GTX460, but can they continue to outperform a card that can feasibly overclock to 1ghz on the core?  I wrote this introduction before I attempted to overclock the new MSI card, so I hope I can get close to their claims.

Our normal graphics card review format will be thrown on its head for this review, we are going to overclock the MSI GTX 460 HAWK ‘Talon Attack’ as far as it will go first then pit it in a reference and overclocked state against the two PowerColor single slot HD5770’s.

The Powercolor HD 5770 cards cost around £125 each inc vat, and the MSI GTX 460 HAWK Talon Attack is available on pre-order for £200 inc vat. If things go well for MSI’s Talon Attack, then it would have the price AND performance advantage. There’s a lot at stake here!

First let us have a look at the two contenders …

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  • Tim

    Holy shit, I thought the eVGA was as good as it got, clearly not !

  • Sam

    Wow that GTX460 is the best card nvidia have ever made, without a doubt

  • Jon

    MSI arent even one of their tier one partners. they produce some stunning products, you just need to wait a few months.

  • Chris

    1ghz on the core? lol, by december it will hit 1.2ghz. what an insane design. love it.

  • Terry Johnston

    well I would have bought the FTW if there was stock, but there hasnt been.

    I just preordered this, glad I waited !

  • Dwaine

    I am still going to wait for 6870 just to see what AMd have up their sleeve, but I can’t see it beating this, depending on price.

  • Jules

    I thought 900mhz on a 460 core was good, but 1ghz? It is just as well that nvidia brought this card out, the rest of their range isnt really wonderful tbh. 480 is good, like it, but the rest? forgettable.

    460 rocks.

  • Kurt

    This really does ask the question, why buy anything more than a £200 card now? There is no need at all. I like to see teh focus on 1920×1080 and 1920×1200. I see some sites benchmarking cards like this at 1280 and 2560. pointless.

  • Brian

    Well this is incredible. what a hell of a card. very reasonable pricing also.

  • Garry

    Heck, if AMD 6000 mid range can beat this ill be a happy customer. No need for high end boards anymore ! id say 1 in 50,000 people have a 30 inch screen. id rather have two 24 inch screens than a single 30 inch. price is much better also.

  • Tri Color

    What a brilliant card, although id rather the card was sold at 1ghz speeds, rather than 810mhz. software is always a hassle, especially when a new driver comes out and rivatuner/msi afterburner wont work right.

  • kalawera

    wait, something is not rite here- the pics show regular Hawk version: NO hynyx 0.4ns memory, the regular samsung 0.5ns is clearly visible (“HC05” speaks for itself), NO Proadlizer in the back of the board.

  • I have spoken to MSI, and they have sent a ‘wrong’ version with the Talon BIOS flashed, so you are right there is indeed an error, but it was certainly not intentional or a PR stunt as you said in an email to me. This is probably why the memory didn’t overclock as well as expected, only hitting 4000mhz

  • MSI have issued this statement to me : this was an early version of the Talon Attack with different memory, and slightly different board design which has affected the overclock in this review (we would expect much higher than 4000mhz with the final retail version). You can be sure that the final version will overclock even better than the one on test today.

  • Tri Color

    Good update, I wondered why the memory only increased by 25/100mhz….. makes sense 🙂

  • kalawera

    thanks for the clarification, may be the review needs to be put “on hold” until you get the proper card. also would be nice to bench the Talon against the Colorful igame460 and Gigabyte 460 Super Overclock as all three have the same features.

  • Thanks kalawera. I have to say, I should have noticed the memory on the card myself, but I have so much work on right now that it was overlooked.

    MSI actually noticed this morning that the memory overclocks werent as good as they thought and when you contacted me, we all started an investigation. The card isnt a standard HAWK edition, it was an early test model with the retail TALON bios, so as you say there are differences.

    The final version of this card whenever it hits, should prove to overclock quite a bit more on the memory front, our memory overclock was very minor indeed. Still rather than put the review ‘on hold’ I think we just need to honest in public and use this review as a baseline for another review later against the cards you mention. I have appended the conclusion to indicate the updated information, however the results are still accurate. (they will probably be higher if the memory overclocks significantly more).

  • George MMM

    Not the final version? — George MMM 2010-10-19 18:18
    You wrote that “We have found out today that the Talon Edition we reviewed was not the final version … the memory is not the same on the retail product …” and my question is what do you mean exactly by this. I am asking because the Talon Attack has arrived already here (Greece) and tomorrow I will have one from a Greek e-shop. Should I get it or wait for the final version you mentioned above ??? Thanks George

  • George, the card you will buy will be fine. Ours was an early revision for this review. All talon branded cards will have the improved memory.

  • John

    Holy crap! OCed MSI talon gtx460 is faster than ati 5870? Insane! Buying it right now!

  • Mike

    Hi Zardon,
    I’m really impressed with your Talon Attack review. How can I send you a private mail?
    I have some questions regarding on how to overclock this card. I was really convinced to get this card over the 6870. I’ve had my email on this message. Glad if you could send me yours. Thanks in advance. -Mike

  • Tech Head

    Not sure he will be reading this now as its an older thread. you could ask on the forums or email him zardon (at) kitguru.net

  • Crossfire 5770 user

    Not sure why not trolling or anything but was it really fair to put that card up against
    poorly cooled single slot cards? this msi 460 wouldnt touch my sapphire 5770s as they are clocked @930/1300 which isnt even the whole ccc slider. Just seemed like the 5770s chosen this way to give the 460 a fighting chance lol. Why didnt you use 2x hd 5770 hawks?