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MSI GTX460 HAWK Talon Attack Vs Powercolor HD5770 CrossFireX

KitGuru has been a vocal advocate of the GTX 460 – we believe it is the best value for money card on the market right now. Equally so we have also been singing the praises of AMD’s HD5770 since it was released, especially as a paired up, high performance, low cost Crossfire solution. What better than taking prime examples of each set up, clocking them to extremes and launching them at each other, using KitGuru’s Large Hadron Benchmark Collider? Don your safety gear and let the smashing begin!

We already know that two HD5770‘s are comfortably faster than a standard GTX460, but can they continue to outperform a card that can feasibly overclock to 1ghz on the core?  I wrote this introduction before I attempted to overclock the new MSI card, so I hope I can get close to their claims.

Our normal graphics card review format will be thrown on its head for this review, we are going to overclock the MSI GTX 460 HAWK ‘Talon Attack’ as far as it will go first then pit it in a reference and overclocked state against the two PowerColor single slot HD5770’s.

The Powercolor HD 5770 cards cost around £125 each inc vat, and the MSI GTX 460 HAWK Talon Attack is available on pre-order for £200 inc vat. If things go well for MSI’s Talon Attack, then it would have the price AND performance advantage. There’s a lot at stake here!

First let us have a look at the two contenders …

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