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MSI GTX460 HAWK Talon Attack Vs Powercolor HD5770 CrossFireX

Stone Giant is a 3rd party Direct X 11 benchmark developed by BitSquid and FatShark to demonstrate the benefits of pervasive tessellation in a game setting. BitSquid is a start up formed in 2009 from the lead engineers at GRIN, who were the developers of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (and others). Their publisher, FatShark, is based in Sweden and recently released ‘Lead and Gold” on Steam.

This benchmark uses tessellation extensively and DirectCompute to render high quality depth of field with soft bokeh.

We run this benchmark at 1920×1080 today with tessellation set to high. Aspect ratio is automatic and window mode is disabled.

Firstly we are running this benchmark with all cards at their ‘out of the box’ reference clock settings.

This is a very heavy tessellation based benchmark which always runs well on nVidia hardware. We can see that the Crossfire solution struggles to even reach an average of 30fps whereas the MSI card is comfortably sitting at 54fps.

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