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nVidia say 8800GT is minimum required for Crysis 2

nVidia are as excited as the gaming public about the upcoming release of Crysis 2. While the game leaked online weeks ago in an unfinished beta state, the final version looks to be playable on a variety of hardware, without demanding a Bill Gates sized wallet.

According to Nvidia the game is playable on an old 8800GT graphics card with medium settings, running at 1680×1050 resolution. The 8800GT is the minimum specified card to run Crysis 2, which means that a fairly large sized audience will get access to the title. Moving up to the GTX460 means you can run it at 1920×1200 with hardcore settings. The GTX460 is a very popular hardware product and we would assume that a very large portion of the KitGuru audience will have one of these already in their gaming system.

The GTX570 will give 30fps+ at highest hardware settings and native resolution of 2560×1600 on a 30 inch screen, and the GTX580 will power through the experience like butter.

Our AMD card wasn't detected at all. Not really a shock.

KitGuru says: It is an interesting idea from Nvidia to release a system analysing tool for the public and we are excited to get our hands on this game.

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