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When fast just ain’t fast enough – XFX HD5970 Black Edition LE

4800MHZ GDDR5, 3200 cores and GPU's running at 850mhz, its every gamers wet dream.

KitGuru has had the XFX HD5970 Black Edition card in our labs for some time now and we should have a review up in the not too distant future. We heard from the guys at XFX today that Scan have the exclusive deal right now on this monster video card and it is selling for £916 inc vat. If you want to game on multiple monitors then this is the sucker you need.

Exceptional weapons are carefully crafted from the finest components. In other words, the devil is in the details. Which is why we’ll be the first to tell you that the XFX ATI Radeon™ HD 5970 4 GB Black Edition Limited graphics card is pure evil. Crafted for speed, the HD 5970 4GB Black Edition Limited executes a gaming experience with an assassin’s acuity and a sniper’s eye for detail.

The fastest dual GPU graphics card on the planet is upgraded to a full 4 GB GDDR5 of memory reserves, plus six Mini-DisplayPort outputs that enable you to power up to six displays, supported by ATI Eyefinity Technology. The HD 5970 4GB Black Edition Limited keeps things cool–with a special tactical designed dual slot fansink housing.

KitGuru says : If you have a grand spare, snag yours over here.

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