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Apple’s Ping gets hammered with comment spam

On paper, Apple's new social media service Ping was a great idea, but unfortunately according to Sophos it has already been abused by people spamming the system and trying to offload phoney gadgets.

image courtesy of Sophos

The Ping network service integrates with iTunes 10 to let users follow their favourite artists and to share comments with other fans. Sadly in the space of 24 hours the comments section was flooded with crap, according to Sophos. As they say however, why on earth didn't they build a system to stop this in the first place?

On the internet everyone is looking for free promotion and forums and blogs are the most abused with many sites running moderation on a per comment basis, which is extremely time consuming. Apple have created a low level of security by moderating profile photos until they get approved. Equally so they also filter out abusive content, but Sophos can't understand why a spam filter hasn't been put into place. Perhaps Apple have learned the hard way this time ?

KitGuru says: This is nothing new and other networks such as Google, Twitter and Facebook are constantly bombarded with junk like this.

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