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VTX3D break sub £700 price point for HD7990

If you have a lot of money and want the ultimate gaming performance, then there are only two solutions to aim for. Nvidia's stonking GTX690 or the latest HD7990 from several of AMD's leading partners.

VTX3D have just launched their card in the United Kingdom and several etailers will be stocking it.

The talking point however is the price point which is Around £685 inc vat. Its certainly not small change, but when you factor in that the GTX690 is often £900+ and other HD7990's have cost close to £800, then it seems somewhat of a bargain.

This hefty three slot card, comes with its own support bracket, to take away the strain from your motherboard. We also see a red button on the backplate, which is for a dual bios, which takes the core clock frequency up to 1000Mhz which is an 8% increase.

Interested? you can buy from DABS – check out the link here. £686 is a lot of cash, but its considerably less than other cards in this ultra high end sector.

Kitguru says: Fast enough for you?

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