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Female Geeks – win hardware, be creative!

Hi, im Carl, I am a recovering alcoholic. Ermm… yes im kidding. I really do never know how to start these posts.

Many of you will know me as the Kitguru ‘Facebook Monkey' – I may post under the name ‘Kitguru' but behind the posh name its just Carl, an English speaking German, seriously underweight and proud to be a geek.

If you haven't visited the Kitguru Facebook page, then now is the time to do so. The Kitguru Facebook page is an active hub of news and fun posts – we have a huge active community. Its a little less serious than the main site, and I know we have a lot of geeky gals wanting to get involved.

There are way too many male centric competitions, so this time im omitting the male race completely. I started a post earlier today which is asking all the women/female readers of Kitguru to get involved in a ‘Geeky' nail painting competition.

All the ladies have to do is paint their nails with an inspired GEEK theme, like above. It doesn't need to be exactly like this, but something equally impressive, to show people you are proud of your Geekiness. Anything relating to technology, scifi, fantasy – all good topics to enter with.

When you are happy, send me ([email protected]) an email. Include a picture of your finished work and a link to your active Facebook page (female accounts only). We don't want ugly blokes desperate for some free hardware painting their hairy mitts. We want some nice female, slender hands in the photographs.

We aren't sure how many entries we will get for this, but I thought it was about time we got the ladies involved. If you have a wife or girlfriend, or even a friend who is into hardware and technology. Let them know. We want a lot of women involved in this.

The prize will be a video card, im not saying what is yet, but the winner has to post a picture of it when she gets it, linked to her Facebook account. When the competition ends before Christmas (around 23rd) we will share a gallery of the entries (if we get enough) and the winner will be announced at the same time.

The prize is a new AMD series card from the 7000 series. That is all I am saying right now ……

Spread the word! Head over here to join in the debate

EDIT 30th November: Due to complaints from readers in email and Facebook, men apparently wish to enter this. So if you want to, go for it! We had no desire to appear ‘sexist', we felt it was a fun way to get women involved, including friends, girlfriend and wives. Its open to everyone now.

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