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GTX 490 throws down to 5970

Behind closed doors at Computex, nVidia is likely to be showing its most important partners a very serious piece of new kit. The GTX490. Remember when the 7950 GX2 was considered power-hungry for pulling 110w in 3D testing?  Looking back at that era, it seems that ATI and nVidia just weren’t trying hard enough.

As we continue to look under the rocks in Taiwan, more interesting information about nVidia’s new high-end card has come to light. To be honest, water-damage and exposure to UV rays means the ink has run in places and we’re looking at this document over a weak video link, but we’re pretty sure that the key info is intact. Question remains: Is it accurate?

Firstly, it shows that the GTX490 is a dual-GPU card.  We gathered that.

It’s likely to use the Fermi GTX470 processors, but we’re unable to confirm the exact clocks etc.

GTX490’s power draw looks to be around 375w.

Given that the GTX470 is a 215w part when shipped on its own PCB, there would appear to be some serious down-clocking in action.

We know from the big notebook manufacturers that nVidia sells GTX chips that can run on as little as 100 watts (if you have plenty of spare money and can wait for them to be speed binned).

The key question won’t be “Can the GTX490 beat the original 2GB Radeon HD 5970?”.

The actual question will be “Can GTX490 beat the new 4GB Radeon HD 5970?”.

KitGuru says: Like watching a 20 year old Mike Tyson looking to re-unify the heavyweight belts, we just can’t wait for these boyz to get into the ring and knock seven shades of crap out of each other!

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  • Steven Frederick

    Looking forward to seeing the GTX 490. will need a nuclear power plant to run two of those puppies in SLI.

  • death dealer

    Yeah all the high end boards are mental for power requirements. the 5970 for instance? sound like a helicopter during takeover and consume about £20 on boot up.

  • eric k

    Will be interesting to see the reviews when they start appearing on the net.

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  • Per A

    @Steven Frederick: You don’t need a nuclear plant, as a GTX 490 SLi will only draw half the power your mothers hairdryer use on the bathroom. You can also use your car-battery:)

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  • Aki ja

    Remember that chips can be downclocked as well as overclocked to create the profile you need. Mother’s hairdryers need not be required to deliver this power.

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  • Dayblade

    Would be interesting to see the GTX 490’s true power consumption / and clock rates. At the rate of GPU development, we are going to need a flux capacitor and 1.21 GIGAWATTS of power to get these cards up and running. When will the time come when GPU’s are multicore?

  • nitin

    When Nvidia will release gtx 490 ati will release new 6000 series possilbly with dx12 because ati have been quite for a long whlie(must be building southerns islands)

    Also when nvidia releases the gtx 490 its power consumption could be between 350w-420w depending upon the shit they make. For now ati has the crown eager to know what happens in the future.

    Nvidia vs Ati war has been going on for months and nvidia was ahead most of the time and the first to release dx10 cards. Nvidia cards have better physics and tessalation in dx11 ati drivers suck and fuck. Ati does not have good tessalation and physics. Ati is just some bumb bastard trying to fuck with nvidia. Ati is in nvidia’s shoes. I will fuck ati you motherfucker ati sounds like some 18TH century poor company trying to strugle with nvidia. Ati is stone age shit. Sorry Ati would have abused you more but have less time (will abuse you tomorrow)

  • Fisshy

    You enjoy that man.
    Bet you would kill in the name of Jen Hsun Huang too.

    If you don’t know who or what that is. You fail as a fanboi.

    What crown is this? Single GPU performance or GPU performance?

    If you think AMD drivers suck maybe you should email Terry Makedon some suggestions! He is hiding somewhere deep within the Kitguru forums. But please don’t just sign up so you can troll me, or anyone else. Our Forums are civilized.

    Why are you talking about DX10 Cards? Tech is current and always changing.

    Have a nice day.