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GTX570 faster than GTX480, leaked review numbers confirm shocker

Earlier today, one of the world’s bigger technology web sites went live with its GTX570 review. Most of the world was still in bed and nVidia’s soldiers of PR darkness managed to bring a dark cloud down over the site almost as soon as it went live. However, in the twilight between day and night, something was revealed.

With the same number of CUDA units and a second generation core clocking along at 32MHz more than the GTX480, there was always the possibility that the GTX570 could chug past the GTX480.

Many astute viewers, including AWPC from OcUK, saw the 'dirty glimpse of stocking' earlier today


An accidental early leak by Tech Report seems to have confirmed that. Don’t search right now, Froddo Fermi has pulled the invisibility cloak around the numbers. Expect them back out when the Santa Clara green hobbit has managed to pull its Precious out of harm’s way later today.

The reported difference in every one’s favourite game, 3DMark Vantage, was around 10%.

Why is it significant that the GTX570 is faster than the GTX480?

In a word, price.

With vendors across the UK showing the GTX570 up for sale for as low as £286, the older/hotter/slower GTX480 will not seem like a good deal to anyone.


nVidia may well be forced into a price cut on GTX480 in order to get rid of the old stock.

Enthusiasts are a smart bunch (yes, that means you!). A Smart bunch that understands value and that one year’s worth of additional development on a GPU core gives you a significant advantage. Not sure, once the full numbers come out, that anyone would choose a bloated GTX480 over a svelte GTX570.

If you’re a distributor, system builder or store, holding last generation’s stock at a more expensive price – it’s time to cut your loses and move those boxes.

KitGuru says: Stay tuned to the interwibble for several more hours to discover what KitGuru has said for weeks. the GTX570 will be faster and cheaper than the GTX480 and nVidia will most likely be forced into a price cut to get rid of its aged/ageing stock.

Has KitGuru finally lost it – or hammered the nail on the head once more? Comment below.

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