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Foxconn to start shipping Apple iPad 2 Feb/March

Industry insiders last night confirmed to Kitguru that the iPad 2 should start shipping early 2011, with some estimates being made at late February/early March.

While this has yet to be confirmed on any official level by Apple, reports have been circulating via our sources that Foxconn will be ready to start shipping over half a million units in Q1. Firmware delays have caused them to delay the shipments from the initial estimates of January 2011.

Production of the current iPad it due to start dropping off in February and Apple will still handle just under 2 million orders throughout the first month. Ipad 2 rumours are rife with facetime technology incorporated and GSM and CDMA radios installed for worldwide ‘out of the box’ support through a variety of carriers.

Other additions include higher resolution screen and a new design with front facing camera and mini USB port.

Kitguru says: Excited or not?

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