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Android 2.3 Gingerbread – improvements galore

Android 2.3 became official yesterday and we have had some time to play with the latest, and greatest operating system from Google.

Android 2.3 offers video calling with support for multiple cameras, improved VoIP support, enhanced cut and paste support, gyroscopic support with improved orientation algorithms. There is also a new download manager, keyboard with multitouch support and an integrated task manager.

Behind the scenes, the operating system will prove to appeal to the game coders, as Google have spent some time revamping the system. Multimedia support will also help web developers as there is a wider format suppotr with other enhancements. Tag support is added in the shape of ‘Near Field Communication’, another feature which will appeal to developers for easier creation of content.

This is available for the Nexus S product and Nexus One owners should get the update within a few weeks.

Speed improvements have been incorporated throughout the coding.

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