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nVidia GTX 560 Performance Score in 3DMark Vantage?

Some things in life are random. “Will a drop hit my nose when it begins to rain in the park?”  is the kind of question that falls into that category. Other things are a little more predictable. Alongside “Will the sun come up in the morning?”,  we can definitely put graphics card performance closer to the second category. KitGuru takes all of the available data, does some calculations and make the first of many predictions.

Drivers are always a major variable with new graphic cards, but with the Fermi series well into its first year of service, most of the major improvements are likely to have been identified and exploited by now.

So the platform for GTX 560 is ‘known’.

KitGuru went through the calculations over and over [Think ‘post it notes, passed back and forth’ – Ed].
We have cross-referenced findings and even went as far as putting some numbers into one of those new-fangled Excel spreadsheet thingies.

Highly scientific stuff!

Here’s the ‘Flags of our Predictions’ that we’re prepared to plant publicly for nVidia’s GTX 560.

Starting with the GTX460 (and with one eye on the way its performance scaled in the Hawk and FTW versions), we took memory speed, cores and core speed into account before making this performance prediction.

Right now, we have exhausted our CES contacts. So, as the world is turning that direction anyway, we’re next going to tap into KitGuru’s Far East spy network and see if we can find out more about the new nVidia GTX 560 for you.

KitGuru says: Stay tuned!

Comments below please. ESPECIALLY if you think we are totally wrong and you want to post your own score.

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