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nVidia slashes latest Quadro prices by 50%

OK, KitGuru is officially shocked. Droping the price of a mainstream card like the GTX460/470 in reaction to AMD’s 6850/6870 is perfectly natural and makes good business sense. These are fast moving cards, in a highly competitive market, and the busiest quarter of the year is upon us. Business sales are not so seasonal, there is far less price pressure on product and nVidia has enjoyed a MASSIVE lead in the workstation and professional market for many, many years. Huge price cuts on the latest Quadros? KitGuru investigates.

Speaking on the subject of nVidia’s Quadro market, CEO Jen Hsun Huang said “We have delivered excellent results in Quadro professional graphics”. Confident stuff.

While everyone knows that the initial Fermi cards were less exciting that we all hoped, Huang has also been very upbeat about how the various markets will receive nVidia’s new products.

Specifically, he said “We expect to drive revenue and grow market share with new products that are gaining momentum in each of our businesses”. That’s also nice and upbeat. Exactly what Wall Street and nVidia customers everywhere wants to hear.

Sure, nVidia has (in Huang’s own words) fallen “Significantly short of expectations”, he also said that he expects market conditions to change rapidly.

With all of that confidence, and the knowledge that nVidia has had the professional space all to itself, how should we evaluate nVidia’s latest message to all of its global partners?

50% off the price of a new Quadro product sounds very strange, in a market where there's little competition

KitGuru has read the entire offer several times and it is still confusing. If it was old stock, we could understand it, but at a time when nVidia has just posted loses of more than $140 million, why would it want to reduce its number one margin product by half.

If anyone has any ideas, including nVidia personnel who are close to this kind of promotion, then we’d love to hear an explanation.

KitGuru says: If you are a professional user who is in the market for an updated workstation, this is an offer you can’t ignore. Videos on the amazing ‘50% off’ 6000 series can be seen here.

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  • Trev

    Weird price move

  • Griffin

    This seems too good to be true, can someone confirm or provide links !?!

  • Reynaldo

    Maybe the professional derivative of Barts and Cayman will simply be to powerful to compete with, so Nvidia is trying to flood the market with their stock months before the new FirePro line is released. If i invested a few grand or a few hundred grand in upgrades this quarter, 6 months would be too soon to be contemplating an upgrade. Call it a preemptive strike.

  • Bob

    Yes I would like to see links, I can find no info on this anywhere.

  • Admittedly this offer is confusing. The promotion is in response to overwhelming requests from our resellers and developers for demo samples. We have chosen to enable new resellers and developers to acquire a single “not for resale” sample at a discount off list price — this is a common practice professional markets.

    This promotion is not available to the general public, and unfortunately propagating this outside the reseller and developer community has created confusion.

    The launch of the new Quadro products based on the Fermi architecture is in fact the most successful in the history of Quadro. End user and reviewer feedback has been phenomenal. Please check out a number of unbiased reviews at http://www.nvidia.com/object/quadro_news.html then click the Awards and Reviews tab.

  • Faith

    Thanks for the reply Danny.
    Just in case any of KitGuru’s regular readers are not sure, Danny runs Quadro Marketing for nVidia. You can see him in action if you search for Danny Shapiro Quadro on Youtube.
    Having looked at the offer again very closely, KitGuru reckons there is a spurious ‘s’.
    By saying ‘order your cards’ instead of ‘order your card’, the reader is left with the impression that you can order multiple cards.

    If the original story had been 100% accurate, then our money was on nVidia getting a revenue boost ahead of closing out this quarter’s results (around Friday 29th October – and aiming to out perform last quarter’s $140m loss).

    Danny has been happy to confirm that all’s well in Quadro Land, the products are selling like hotcakes and there is very little opposition – Santa Clara Official !